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The Ergo Office Makeover: 2015 Edition

Ergonomic Office Makeover
Creating an ergonomic office space will help you become more efficient and comfortable during those long days at the office. In today's post we'll highlight the industries hottest products, makeover tips, and advice needed to design the ergonomic workspace of your dreams. Enjoy!

The Design

Ergonomic Office DesignErgonomic office design revolves around four key elements. When in working together in harmony, the chair, desk, and accessories integrated into your workspace should help you reach your peak performance level. At the beginning of your ergonomic office makeover, ask yourself important questions like what types of furniture configurations will be most effective in your space. You'll also want to assess your key areas of discomfort to determine what types of products will be most beneficial to you throughout the day. Come up with a plan for your space, then consult industry professionals about best selling ergonomic furniture lines, chairs, and accessories recommended for your needs. Once you're armed with ample ergo knowledge and a plan for your makeover project, it's time to shop!

The Chair

Ergonomic Office ChairAs most of your daily work will be conducted from your office chair, it's best to center your ergonomic office makeover around this essential piece. As the main operating platform of your workspace, the ergonomic chair you choose will play a key role in your day to day comfort. The industries best ergonomic office chairs offer beneficial features that include adjustable lumbar supports, head rests, syncro tilt mechanisms, seat sliders, and adjustable arms. Research top ergonomic chair features and their benefits online to determine which of these are must haves for your individual needs. Next, contact your dealer of choice and inquire about preferred chairs equipped with the features you need. With recommendations from you dealer in hand, you can now make an educated purchasing decision on what ergonomic chair will be best for your space. You can also research ergonomic chair reviews and best selling office chairs on the web for further insight. Do not rush your ergonomic chair purchase, take your time and select a seating solution that meets your budget and comfort needs alike. In the long run, the world of ergonomic seating is always evolving. Following the trends will ensure you create a stylish workspace, but following your own body needs is far more effective long term! 

The Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

Once you've selected the perfect ergonomic chair for your workspace, it's time to place your primary focus on the command center! The desk you choose for your ergonomic makeover project should offer adjustable features, storage, and a space saving design geared towards maximizing your floor plan. In 2015 trending ergonomic workstations include those from the Global Total Office Foli collection as well as the VariTask tables from Mayline. These best selling ergonomic desks and tables provide a ton of user friendly benefits that will boost your performance on a daily basis. Height adjustable desks promote continuous body movement while simultaneously working to revitalize blood flow and enhance energy levels. The ergonomic desk you invest in should be ready to adapt a moments notice to meet any specific task. Rest assured, the product recommendations listed about are ready to do just that!

The Accessories

Ergonomic Office Accessories

No ergonomic workspace is complete without the right combination of accessories designed to keep you working comfortably. This year, top ergonomic office makeover projects are integrating helpful tools like dual screen monitor arms, retractable CPU holders, articulating keyboard trays, and even adjustable foot rests. 

Dual screen monitor arms provide a wide range of adjustment capabilities and help users recapture usable desk space that can be devoted to other important tasks. A dual screen monitor arm will also help you increase the rate at which you compute on a daily basis. No more clicking between multiple tabs in your browser! Simply click an hold one screen and drag your mouse to the monitor you'd like to view it on. Two screens means you can use one monitor for reference and the other for search. These versatile ergonomic solutions are must have items modern ergonomic makeovers.

Retractable CPU holders help users prevent those pesky trips under the desk to route wires and turn on devices. A retractable CPU holder will also keep your monitor off the ground and protect it against theft and water damage. The retractable slide mounts directly underneath your worksurface and allows the CPU to gently swivel and retract out of the way when out of use. This means more leg room to operate with! Consider adding a retractable CPU holder to your workspace today. You'll be glad you did. Brands like Symmetry Office and ESI Ergonomic Solutions provide budget friendly models you'll surely love!

Articulating keyboard trays have been around for years. That being said, these helpful ergo items have become must haves for any work environment created since the 1990's. Articulating keyboard trays have come a long way in recent years. These adjustable tools retract, swivel, and even adjust quickly from sitting to standing positions to make typing a breeze. Adding an ergonomic keyboard tray to your workstation will improve your posture and increase the rate at which you type. If you're looking to be an ergo master, an adjustable keyboard tray will need to be added to your list of office makeover additions!

Foot rests are surprisingly beneficial in the workplace. Most users are skeptical of the performance boosts advertised until they try one for themselves. Adding a foot rest will help reduce fatigue in the workplace, improve blood flow, and take pressure of your knees when sitting. These cost effective ergonomic tools can be found from brands like Global Total Office for under $100. At this price, can you afford not to have one?

Wrap Up

The most successful ergonomic office makeovers place the primary focus on comfort and performance. While style and decor is important, it comes second to efficiency and productivity. Having the most beautiful office space in the world isn't worth much if your working uncomfortably. That being said, the same holds true for the industries top ergonomic products. To gain the most out of your ergonomic office makeover, you'll need to educate yourself on the items you select for your space. Learn their benefits and master their operations. Once you've done this, you'll see your performance, comfort, and productivity improve by leaps and bounds.



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