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Ergo Guru: The Monitor Arm and You

Ever wonder where that terrible neck pain at work is coming from? Well, the answer may be simpler than you think. Unhealthy posture is detrimental to office associates, and constantly turning and twisting to view a computer screen is one of the most common causes of office-related pain. However, adding adjustable monitor arms to maximize productivity and health is an awesome solution. Check out today's article for tips on how monitor arms can change your work experience for the better!

Before launching into why monitor arms make such fantastic work tools, it's important to know why they're so popular. Pain at the office is no laughing matter. Not only is it a terrible experience, but it can also impact the effectiveness of associates. Reduced focus, poor posture, inhibited blood flow, and even a cluttered desk can all be byproducts of a large, poorly placed computer screen. When the screen is off to the side, users will often twist to see it. This can result in neck and upper back muscles repositioning themselves to make it more convenient for the user to see in that direction. The problem is, when the user twists back to a proper sitting position, the muscles painfully complain. These aches can follow computer users all day long, inhibiting their effectiveness in every aspect of life.

Thankfully, shopping adjustable monitor arms for sale is one of the best solutions. By mounting an affordable monitor arm to a wall or desk, users have the freedom to control the placement of their computer screen. Experts agree that the best viewing environment for computer users is to keep the screen arm's length away from the face, at eye level. This helps ensure the proper posture, which prevents the muscular repositioning and uneven strength that causes pain.

In addition to health, monitor arms have some additional perks that should never be shot down in the office. By keeping computers off surfaces, monitor arms increase the amount of usable desk space. Combo teams of monitor arms paired with retractable keyboard platforms free up a ton of workspace, and both contribute to user health. With desk space cleared, office associates can finally make full use of their organized, uncluttered modular workstations to maximize productivity.

With all these incredible benefits, it's no wonder monitor arms are one of the fastest growing ergonomic trends to hit the industry. Now, with top brands like Global Total Office, and popular tech names, like ESI and Symmetry manufacturing these high end tools, monitor arms have never looked better! Popular products from Symmetry now includes monitor arms for single and multiple screens, making productivity a way of life. In fact, the affordable EDGE monitor arm from ESI is one of the highest monitor arms in demand. Mix together the unbeatable benefits and the backing by top brands, and you have all the ingredients to make an ergonomic masterpiece - monitor arms reduce the pain and increase the effectiveness of office associates everywhere!



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This is a really informative post as this is a really ignored issue. And with almost everyone spending most of their time on computers, people really need to take this into account.

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