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Office Design 101: Creating A Functional Training Room

Office training area makeover projects are trending in 2015. That being said, we wanted to share some tips, product suggestions, and design advice that's sure to help you and your business create the professional training space of your dreams. Enjoy!

Space Planning

Office Training Room Design

Before you rush out and purchase new training room furniture for your business, take the time to create a plan for your project. Start space planning by obtaining the dimensions of your training area. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, windows, and room obstructions that may affect the way your furniture fits. With dimensions in hand, sketch out a few layout ideas that you feel will be functional for your specific needs. Identify how many individuals you'd like to accommodate at any given time and set a budget for your project by determining how many tables, chairs, and room accessories you'll need to complete your space.

Modular Tables

Modular Training Tables

Once the space planning portion of your project is complete, you'll be ready to shop for training room tables to compliment your interior. This year, modular tables are the way to go. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office provide high quality modular training tables that will no doubt boost your training room productivity, versatility, and performance. Flip top training tables with mobilized bases are the preferred option as they can be quickly reconfigured when needed. This popular table style will allow you to easily clean your space when needed by nesting along outer room walls when not in use. If you truly want to create a top notch training area, modular tables are the only way to go!

Nesting Chairs

Nesting Chairs

Now that you've selected tables for your training room, it's time to focus on comfort. Providing your training area with ergonomic seating designed for long term comfort is an absolute must. That being said, nesting chairs are the way to go! Seating solutions like the Roma nester from Global Total Office offer space saving design characteristics that will allow you to maximize the seating potential of your space while keeping your valued guests comfortable. Nesting chairs like the Roma offer flip seat designs that allow chairs to be "nested" together along walls when not in use much like the modular training tables described above. The ability to relocate chairs quickly, configure various seating arrangements, and boost the versatility of training areas make nestable chairs a must for your project.

Power Modules

Isle Power Module by Symmetry Office

Want to take your training room performance to the next level? Integrating power modules into your space will certainly help! The addition of power modules will help provide your training room guests with a plug and play experience ready for the needs of modern business. Training tables like those from the Sync collection by Mayline can be outfitted with factory installed power ports that allow users to operate devices easily without the need for extensions cords running across the room. In addition, aftermarket power modules like the Isle by Symmetry Office can also be added to keep your  interior on the cutting edge.


Office Storage Cabinet

You can't create a functional new training room without being well organized. Adding a few organizational tools to your space will help you operate more efficiently and effectively. Wall cabinets, filing cabinets, and office storage cabinets can all be easily integrated to boost performance. Consider the organizational needs of your training room and move forward accordingly. Take into account the presentation materials, stationary, and other essential items that will need to be stored neatly in your training area at any given time. As a side tip, if you purchase your training room tables and seating from a full service brand like those mentioned in today's post, you'll be able to easily match finishes to create a more cohesive look throughout your space.

Presentation Aids

Mobile Dry Erase Presentation Board

Last but certainly not least, no professional training room project is complete without adding a few key presentation aids. Mobilized dry erase boards and wall mounted presentation boards come in handy for visual learners and should be added to your training room. If you plan on having guest speakers from time to time, you may consider adding a lectern or podium. Additional accessories like flat screen TV's can be added to boost room appeal and further enhance your multi media capabilities.   When selecting your presentation aids, be sure to evaluate the items you're adding are need items or want items. If your budget is limited, start by adding a few small room aids and then integrate additional items into your space in the future.



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