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Office Chair Review: Woodstock Baez Seating

Woodstock Baez chairs are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. These unique seating solutions are the topic of today's review. If you're looking for a chair that can do it all, without breaking your budget, the Baez is must see. Check out the benefits of these awesome chairs and take your office interiors to the next level!


Baez High Back chair

At first glance you'll notice the awesome modern appeal of the Baez chair. The full mesh upholstery offers unmatched breathability while the sleek design characteristics make for a space saving seating solution that won't make your office look bulky and cluttered. Upon closer inspection you'll be greeted by the polished arms, base, and attention to detail that sets the Baez mesh chair apart from many of the competing models available on the market in 2015.


Woodstock Baez Chair

The Baez chair is perfect for a variety of key office applications. The slimming design helps businesses maximize seating potential around the conference room. Baez chairs work great in professional meeting areas and will no doubt add a super cool modern element to any space. In the executive office, Baez shines. The polished features offer a luxurious touch that will enhance corporate appeal. In addition, Baez chairs can be used for daily computing, home office, and tasking applications. Like we said, Baez does it all!


Mid Back Chair

Woodstock's Baez seating line includes 5 models, two color options, two back sizes. Mid back Baez chairs are the most affordable and are the premier option for the conference room. The high back mesh chair from the Baez collection is the way to go for your executive interior. The fixed base Baez chair is ideal for guest use, but lacks the mobility of a caster base to improve stability.


Baez Side Chair

When sitting in the Baez chair you'll notice the springy feel of the all mesh design in the seat and back. The Baez offers the basic ergonomic features needed to get you through the work day, but does lack some of the cutting edge modern features we've come to love. Adding adjustable arms and a headrest would simply detract from the overall retro vibe cast out by the Baez. Never the less, Baez is quite comfortable and incredibly easy to operate. This is one chair you won't need or have to adjust in 20 different ways to get comfortable! That being said, if you are looking for a top of at the line ergonomic solution, the Baez is probably not the chair for your individual needs.


Baez Chair Side

The mid back black and white mesh chair models are priced at $269.00 in 2015. The high back Baez chairs are slightly more expensive at just $299.00. Lastly, the swivel guest chair with fixed stability base is $269.00 as well. Baez chairs are typically available with extra discounting by contacting your dealer of choice. Bulk savings, free shipping specials, and coupons can also be found online. In the long run, these chairs offer a lot of style and functionality for the money. Baez office chairs are truly an excellent value.

Final Grade:

Baez White Mesh Office Chair

We give the Baez seating collection an overall grade of B+. They are incredibly stylish and work well in nearly every application. The lack of a high end seating mechanism and a few ergo features takes away from the final grade a bit, but not enough to keep it from becoming one of the best selling office chairs of 2015. Baez is comfortable, versatile, and functional enough to get the job done. Utilize Baez seating and you'll no doubt earn positive compliments from your office visitors. We love these chairs and highly recommend them, especially for conference and boardroom use!



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