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Does Your Office Chair Have These 4 Essentials?

Best Selling Office Chairs
When selecting a new office chair, you'll want to look for 4 key elements. Ergonomics, style, durability, and value all work together to form some of the industries best seating solutions. In today's article we'll highlight the tips and tricks you'll need to achieve them all with ease. Enjoy!

1.) Ergonomics

All of the industries best selling office chair manufacturers make ergonomics a primary focus. Providing high quality seating designed around functionality and comfort ensures success. When evaluating your office chair needs, ask your self important questions like "What features will work best for my body type". You'll also want to assess key areas of discomfort in the workplace directly related to your office chair. Top brands like Eurotech Seating, Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office offer plenty of options to choose from that are sure to improve your overall workplace performance. The best ergonomic chairs available in 2015 offer popular features that include width and height adjustable arms, high tech mechanisms, headrests, and adjustable lumbar supports. If you determine that your current chair is lacking, it may be time for an upgrade!

2.) Style

While comfort trumps style in every aspect, there are plenty of chairs on the market that provide both! This year trending chairs include those with gray leather upholstery, durable mesh backs, and sleek European designs. As you'll no doubt want your office to compliment your space to perfection, be sure to research chairs that follow these 2015 trends. Stylish ergonomic office chairs like the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman Industries and the Spree mesh back chair from Global Total Office are a great place to start your search. Your chair style you choose should also be based on the applications you're looking to use them for. Conference rooms look great with sleek ribbed back chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing, while executive work environments pop with high back leather executive chairs like the Status from Ergo Contract Furniture. If you feel you're office chair doesn't represent your individual personality while complimenting your space, it may again be time to consider an upgrade!

3.) Durability

Has your chair seen better days? If you're dealing with minor maintenance issues like loose arms and annoying squeaks, these common afflictions can be quickly fixed with a screw driver and can of WD40. However, more serious issues like upholstery rips and broken parts signal that it's time to select a new chair. When shopping for new office chairs online, helpful reviews will be readily accessible. Utilize these reviews to determine durability and performance. This will help you make an educated shopping decision! In addition, durability is also determined by the type of upholstery used on a certain chair. Upholstery is graded using an easy to follow number system. The higher the upholstery grade, the more durable the material. Mesh is not typically graded and lesser quality chairs  will certainly wear out faster than those with high end fabric and leathers. That being said, brands like Global Total Office have revolutionized the world of mesh back seating with chairs like the G20 with elastomeric mesh backs. These top notch chairs are extremely durable and amongst the best mesh back options available on the market.

4.) Value

If you're chair is still working well and meeting your needs, it still has value that should be capitalized on. Many businesses make it a point to replace office chairs every five years to stay up to day with industry trends and keep employees operating at peak performance levels. If it's time to replace your chairs, you'll definitely want to get the most bang for your buck. When shopping online, use comparison shopping engines. These helpful resources allow shoppers to categorize items by style, price, and brand. Engines like Google Shopping also highlight deals and coupons you'll certainly want to take note of! If you're purchasing multiple office chairs, don't be afraid to contact your dealer of choice about bulk discount pricing. There is plenty of value to be found here, so don't pass up this awesome opportunity to save!



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