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The 6 Best Ways To Keep Your Office Organized In 2014

A well organized office space will help you function effectively and efficiently. That being said, you'll need the right products to get the job done right! In today's post we'll highlight and showcase the 6 best ways to keep your space well organized in 2014. Enjoy!

File Cabinets

File Cabinets

It's hard to beat the trusty file cabinet for office organizing needs. Business have come to rely on both vertical and lateral file cabinets to keep documents perfectly sorted and secure for decades. In 2014, manufacturers like Global Total Office and Mayline were the premier choice for high quality wood and metal file cabinets for professional business use. No matter what type of business, healthcare, or educational facility you operate in, file cabinets will always be the top choice for document organization.


Office Pedestals

Pedestals provide space saving storage underneath desks and credenzas. Mobile pedestals have become a must have solution for modern professionals as they can be moved anywhere around the office with ease. The two main types of pedestal are File File and Box Box File. As you can probably guess, file file pedestals feature two file drawers for vertical organizing. Box Box File cabinets features a single file drawer, small stationary drawer, and larger storage drawer. Most of today's best selling desk configurations feature integrated pedestals you'll surely love!

Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinet

Looking to enhance your corporate decor while simultaneously improving your organizing potential? A wall cabinet is the way to go! A great choice for waiting room, executive office, and boardroom storage needs, wall cabinets provide plenty of organizing space. Brands like Cherryman Industries and OFM offer beautiful wall cabinet solutions from popular full service furniture collections to match any space.


Overhead Storage Hutch

Another space saving and office enhancing storage solution, overhead storage hutches are typically located above the main work surface or credenza. Most commonly used in home office and executive work environments, overhead hutches are sure to help you maximize your organizing potential without taking up valuable floor space.



Have a lot to store? Shelving is the most efficient choice for your needs. High density mobile shelving systems provide collapsable storage for fire arms, sports equipment, and file folders. Heavy duty warehouse shelving can be used to store just about anything that will fit on a shelf. This year brands like Mayline, Steelcase, and Direct Line offer the best and most durable shelving solutions on the market.


Office Wall Safe

When it comes to keeping important documents like passports, birth certificates, and emergency credit cards well organized, a safe is definitely the best option. Brands like SentrySafe provide high quality waterproof and fireproof safes that protect against the elements and theft. A small safe from Sentry will cost you around $100 and provides some valuable peace of mind. Larger floor safes and wall safes are also excellent options that can be used to store valuable in your office space if needed.



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