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Plug & Play Office Furniture Solutions You'll Love

2014 was a big year for technology in the workplace. The Industries top brands brought to market a variety of cool new plug and play solutions for the boardroom, executive office, and work floor. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at these cutting edge products and their benefits. Enjoy!

1.) e5 Powered Workstations

High Tech Office Furniture

Mayline's e5 collection was a big winner in 2015. This line of high tech desks and open desking workstations took office technology to the next level. The ability to easily specify and configure power ready workstations helped Mayline raise the bar yet again. The e5 open desking configurations have quickly become a top choice of businesses looking to leave the traditional cubicles of the past behind. These modular stations can be outfitted with work surface level power outlets, HDMI, USB, and data inputs to make your work day an absolute breeze.

2.) Zira Tables

Zira Conference Room

Global Total Office enhanced their already successful Zira furniture line with the addition of powered boardroom tables in 2014. These cutting edge solutions are available in a variety of surface shapes, finish options, and sizes. Surprisingly, Zira series tables are far more affordable than most of the competing powered conference table models on the market, making them the premier choice for businesses on a budget. With the addition of Global's Oasis module system, Zira can be quickly outfitted with versatile telecom plates to meet you every multi media meeting area need.

3.) Mystic Tables

Lesro Mystic Tables

Another hot line for those looking to power up the conference room is the Mystic collection from Lesro Industries. While most of today's powered furniture solutions can become quite complicated, Lesro has simplified the process with the offering of 1 simple module that can be factory installed in the center of your conference table. Lesro's Mystic line features rectangular and super cool elliptical conference room table models with metal legs like the S189664 that can be outfitted affordably and easily to meet your boardroom tech needs.

4.) Foli Tables

Electronic Office Tables

Global's new Foli table collection is simple to use and full of awesome benefits for you and your coworkers. Height adjustable tables like Foli encourage continuous body movement, revitalize blood flow, boost energy levels, and reduce body stressors that cause fatigue. Foli tables are ready, willing, and able to suit a variety of body types and common office activities. Simply plug your Foli ergonomic furniture into the nearest outlet and start operating more efficiently. It doesn't get much easier than that!

5.) Sync Tables

Powered Training Room Furniture

Mayline Sync tables are the most popular powered options on the market for training room and classroom applications. These versatile tables are available in a wide range of sizes and finish options to meet your decor needs. Sync tables can be daisy-chained to run power from one end of your space to the next. The ability to work comfortably, charge your phone, run a laptop all day, and conduct presentations more effectively makes the Mayline Sync series plug and play training room tables amongst the absolute best products you can invest in for your business.



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