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Stylish Accent Furniture will Improve Your Space

The little details make the biggest difference! Adding stylish accent furniture to your lounge, conference room, and executive office will showcase your business ingenuity and individualism. Products like coffee tables, lecterns, wall cabinets, and presentation boards all provide awesome conversation pieces that will help you earn your space an excellent first impression.

Coffee Tables

Calico Designs Modern Glass Coffee Table

If your waiting room or lounge seems empty or unfinished, adding a coffee table to fill the empty space is a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease. Coffee tables can hold beverages, magazines, books, pamphlets, or information about your business so the room's guests have something to entertain themselves with while they wait or relax. Not only that, coffee tables are also available in a multitude of sizes and stylish designs to fit perfectly into any space. if you're confused about what to do with your space, adding a coffee table is a brilliant start!

Lecterns can be found almost anywhere, from high school classrooms to college lecture halls, to conference rooms, churches, theaters, and so much more. They're almost always present in any institution, and with good reason. A convenient place to set notes, laptops, or microphones, lecterns can support anything that may be needed for a presentation. Nowadays, they're often equipped with wheels for mobility and styled in numerous ways to fit seamlessly into any space. If you're in need of  presentation aids, a lectern is certainly an elegant choice!

Wall Cabinets

Mayline Sorrento Buffet Cabinet

Are you in need of a place to store extraneous office supplies? Well, there's good news! Executive style wall cabinets for sale are an excellent way to store many different things. Not only can file cabinets clean up an office by providing storage space, but they can also be a sophisticated way to accent a room. Short cabinets can often double as tables or shelves capable of supporting anything from coffee machines to lamps, and larger ones can fill up space if you have a blank wall. Available in all sorts of sizes, colors, and materials, new wall cabinets are a must for any office space simply because of their many uses!

Presentation Boards

Mayline Sorrento Presentation Board

Presentation boards are an effective, stylish piece of conference furniture that can accomplish many different tasks. Whether you need something to pin papers to, to write on, or remind you of things, there's definitely a presentation board out there with your name on it - or as many names as you want! Whiteboards, cork boards, magnetized boards, the options are endless! Some modern boards even have all three types in one, often with the ability to fold shut like a cabinet so they aren't distracting. Ever clever, and always helpful, a modern presentation board is never a bad decision for any office.

Television Stands

ESI Deluxe Mobile TV Mount

If you have a school, lounge, waiting room, or new reception furniture configuration in need of a modern touch, a television is a great way way to accomplish your goal. For this, we leave you with the coup-de-grace of television stands, the ESI Deluxe Mobile TV Mount for your business. This classy, high tech stand looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, and with its chic design and ergonomic furniture qualities, it may as well be. The ESI Deluxe, is highly adjustable, with a swiveling monitor, adjustable height and brackets, accommodation of different LCD TV mounting patterns, and of course, it's portable. If your office has a new TV, this is the throne of stands.



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