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3 Office Furniture Interior Design Projects That Will Improve Your Corporate Image

Is your business furniture out of date and slowing your down? It might just be time for an office makeover project! Keeping your companies furniture on the cutting edge will ensure your working at the highest levels of productivity possible. That being said, this article highlights the top office interior design projects sure to improve your corporate image and the products to help you do it on a budget!

The Conference Room

Conference Room Furniture

In most cases, the conference room is where the biggest decisions are made for any business. Having an up to date conference room will ensure your meetings run smoothly and stay productive. The industries latest conference room furniture for sale is fully capable to meet the needs of any modern business.

To complete a conference room makeover project effectively you'll need several key products. The first is the table. When shopping for new conference tables, first take the time to measure your space properly. Notate your power outlets, windows, and entry ways. Top products like OFM, Global Industries, and Mayline Conference Tables are the perfect place to begin your search. Once you've decided on a table, it's time to accent it properly.

Adding executive wall cabinets to your boardroom not only improves the overall look, it offers much needed storage. A luxury wall cabinet should provide locking capabilities to keep valuable office electronics secure while matching the table you've chosen.

When it comes to new conference room chairs you'll be at no shortage of options. Keep in mind that for every 3 feet of table is about the desired amount of room for 1 chair. A 10' conference table should be able to sit 3 users per side plus one on each end. Top mesh chairs for the conference room have become incredibly popular for the conference area as they are quite affordable and offer excellent ergonomic benefits.

The Lounge and Reception Area

Reception Furniture

The lounge and reception area of any business is where first impressions are made. This space sets the tone for your business and the decor speaks volumes about your taste, quality, and overall professionalism. As this is one of the most expensive areas to makeover due to the sheer number of products needed, it's important to know what products will save your budget without sacrificing style!

The focal point of any well designed guest waiting area is the welcome desk. When shopping for reception area desks you should expect to spend between $500 and $2000 depending on your individual needs. Both small reception desks and large are available from industry favorite brands like Mayline. If you prefer the modern look of curved reception desks for your space, look no further than OFM! There Marque series has been 2013's top selling product.

Next you'll need to cover the seating and accent furniture for your space. This year, office beam seating has been incredibly popular. This modular solution saves space and makes for easily reconfigurable spaces to meet your guests needs. In addition, stacking office chairs are a great solution that make for easy to clean spaces, versatility, and the ability to add more seating affordably when necessary. Stylish reception seating for sale from brands like Offices To Go will enhance your reception station without overpowering the area. When shopping for comfortable waiting room chairs for your space it's always a good idea to ask for suggestions from your dealer of choice.

Finding accent furniture is the fun part. When shopping for modern coffee tables for your space, be creative! Often, the coffee and end tables you choose turn out to be excellent conversation pieces for your guests. Don't take the "We just need something to set our magazines on" approach! Additional accent furniture includes wall art for an improved visual experience and efficient office lighting which is great for cutting down on electricity bills!

The Executive Office

Executive Office Furniture

Creating a professional executive office furniture configuration revolves around the desk you choose. The good news, is that several of the industries most respected brands have released new casegoods furniture collections for 2013 that will really rock your office! The Mayline e5 Furniture line is perfect for those in search of cutting edge style. Those with limited square footage will love corner office desks for sale from brands like Cherryman Industries. The OFM Venice Executive Furniture line is another great solution for those wanting a luxury look at an affordable price point.

Once your desking needs are settled, it's time to choose the perfect chair! When in search of executive office chairs for sale online, it's best to determine your ergonomic needs beforehand. Talk with your doctor or chiropractor to determine what support your body will best benefit from. This will help you to stay comfy throughout your work day while simultaneously improving your office efficiency. Chairs like the Concorde Presidential Chair are ideal for luxury office seating environments but are quite pricey. If you're looking to match nearly any decor, white leather office chairs provide a neutral canvas that has been booming in popularity. Make sure to shop around and review a wide variety of products. Ample budget friendly solutions are available that will meet your decor and ergo needs.



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