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How To Rock Your Conference Room Makeover in 2015

A stylish conference room will make a professional impression on your valued business clientele. That being said, in today's post we'll highlight the 7 beset ways to help you do just that in 2015. From using high powered tables to incorporating the best boardroom accessories, you'll be ready to rock your conference room makeover and take your space to the next level!

1.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference Table

If you want to keep your meeting area on the cutting edge, you'll need a high powered conference table. Powered conference tables can be outfitted with HDMI, USB, Phone, and Ethernet inputs that will boost efficiency and productivity. Brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, Global Total Office, and even Lesro are offering awesome new powered conference room tables that should be considered for professional conference room makeover projects. Powered tables are becoming the industry standard, and if you want to rock your space you'll need to hop on board with this growing movement!

2.) Sleek Seating

Sleek Conference Chair

Sleek conference room seating is the way to go in 2015! Ribbed back office chairs and other popular segmented cushion chairs save space and help businesses maximize seating potential around the table. This growing trend has been building momentum throughout 2014 and shows no signs of stopping. The best selling sleek conference chairs available in 2015 include the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing as well as the 11730 models from Offices To Go.

3.) Flat Screens

Modern Boardroom

Wall mounted flat screen TV's look great in the boardroom! If you want to rock your conference room makeover, consider adding a Smart TV that can be wired into your table by an electrician in 2015. This will allow you to stream cool presentations that will wow your guests. The high end look of a flat screen in your boardroom will also boost your corporate appeal and help to earn your area an abundance of positive compliments.

4.) Guest Accommodations

Hospitality Cart

Beverage, snack, and hospitality carts will help to better accommodate your meeting guests and should be incorporated into any conference room makeover in 2015. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office offer mobile hospitality cart solutions that are affordable and quite versatility. These carts provide a more welcoming experience and can be moved when not in use to save space. Add a hospitality cart to your conference room this year. You'll be glad you did!

5.) Trending Colors

Medina Conference Room

This year gray and white tones are taking over the conference room! From white office chairs to gray wood finished conference tables, using trending colors will help make your space pop. Brands like Mayline have introduced popular finishes like Gray Steel in their new Medina collection that showcase these popular tones to perfection. Take a peek at the Medina collection today and you'll no doubt be on the right track to conference room makeover success.

6.) Cool Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

The little details make the biggest difference! Adding cool overhead lighting fixtures and accent lamps will help add an extra element of appeal to your conference room. Awesome lighting fixtures can be picked up at antique and relic store with industrial appeal. These affordable and super cool lighting solutions will help make your conference room one of a kind and ready to rock the business world in 2015.

7.) Helpful Storage Solutions

Boardroom Storage

Adding storage cabinets to your conference room will help accent your main furnishings while assisting you in the quest for top notch organization. Wall cabinets and office storage products should be used in every professional meeting area to house stationary and presentation materials when not in use. A few helpful storage solutions should no doubt be considered in 2015 to boost appeal and functionality!



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