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7 Awesome Ergo Chairs For The Modern CEO

Are you a modern CEO in need of superior comfort and style in the workplace? If so, you're in the right place! In today's article we'll highlighting 7 of the coolest ergonomic seating solutions on the market, specifically designed for upper management, executives, and CEO's like yourself. Enjoy!

1.) Ergo Elite

Ergo Elite Chair

The Ergo Elite series high back mesh chair from Eurotech is the perfect option for the modern CEO. These high end ergonomic office chairs offer top notch adjustable features and modern appeal that's sure to wow any office visitors. The unique striped, black mesh back pattern adds an almost primal touch to any work environment.  Standard features include tilt tension control, tilt lock, headrest, back angle adjustment, multi functional arms, and more more. Priced at $663.00, the Ergo Elite is an excellent workplace investment that will no doubt boost your comfort!

2.) Concorde Presidential

Concorde Presidential Chair

The Concorde Presidential chair by Global Total Office is everything you'd expect from a two thousand dollar seating solution and more. As one of the most high end and luxurious office chairs on the market, The Concorde Presidential is upholstered in a contract grade leather. The high back design, enclosed arms, and ample padding work together to provide users with the ultimate executive chair. Concorde chairs like the Presidential model from Global are visually stunning and down right comfortable! These made chairs are crafted specifically for their users and take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to be manufactured. If you want the absolute best, the Concorde Presidential is the chair for you.

3.) Verte

Verte Chair

The RFM Preferred Seating Verte chair is one of the most advanced ergonomic seating solutions to ever hit the market. Imagine settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine's unique shape. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form, and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and workplace performance. Nearly a decade in the making, The Verte was crafted by a team of engineers, ergonomists, and highly regarded designers. The Verte is truly one of a kind, and in a league all it's own!

4.) Swopper Special Edition

Special Edition Swopper Chair

Is it a chair? Is it a stool? It's a swopper! Those tired of the same old office chair designs will love the refreshing look and features of the Special Edition Swopper from Via Seating. This revolutionary ergonomic seating solution combines German engineering and multidimensional movement capabilities. The Swopper can be upholstered in your choice of 5 cool color options and outfitted with an add on back for even greater support. With wow factor to spare, the Special Edition Swopper is no doubt one of the coolest modern options on the market for CEO's.

5.) Ambarella

Ambarella Chair

Budget conscious CEO's not looking to sacrifice style and comfort will love the Cherryman iDesk Ambarella chair. Priced at just $214.00, the Ambarella is by far the most affordable chair highlighted in today's article. Don't be fooled by the everyday low price however. The Ambarella means business! These innovative new chairs released just a few short weeks ago have taken the seating industry by storm. Ambarella office chairs combine modern design characteristics with cutting edge adjustable features to provide far more than today's chairs priced nearly three times as much! Take a seat in an Ambarella today and you'll be glad you did! These comfy office chairs show that you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot!

6.) Hendrix

White Leather Office Chair

Retro office makeover projects are in! That being said, if you want to capitalize on this growing trend, chairs like the Hendrix from our friends at Woodstock Marketing are sure to help you do just that. These swanky segmented cushion office chairs inspired by Jimi himself put out good vibes in any work environment. The white and gray leather office chair models from the Hendrix collection have been this years top sellers. Black and brown leather options are also available for a more traditional look.

7.) Avenger

Avenger Big and Tall Office Chair

Last but certainly not least, every modern CEO will love the 811-LX model cream leather office chair from the OFM Avenger seating collection. These heavy duty chairs support users effectively up to 500 pounds! With thick padded seats, and 1" padded arms, Avenger chairs are sure to help you conquer discomfort in the workplace. A 28" 5 star base provides excellent stability with the innovative modern design is showcased to perfection by Avenger's sleek curves. Commonly described as the Cadillac of big and tall office chairs, the Avenger is well built, dependable, and cutting edge.



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