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Ergonomic Chair Trends: Winter 2014

Ergohuman Chairs
The world of workplace ergonomics is always evolving, and when it comes to office chairs there's always new and exciting trends to review! In today's post we'll share the hottest new features and design characteristics being incorporated into the best office chairs on the market. Here's to sitting comfortable and working efficiently in 2015 and beyond!

Elastomeric Mesh

This year we've seen a ton of mesh trends emerge, but none more ergo-effective than elastomeric mesh. Models like the G20 office chair from Global feature alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns to provide ample support to users. This revolutionary mesh creating is far more durable that the traditional woven backs of years gone by. We expect more and more brands to incorporate elastomeric properties into their top chairs to provide longer chair life spans and improved comfort for users.

Contoured Backs

Traditional flat back office chairs are going bye bye. These classic seating solutions that were once the industry standard are being replaced by more effective contoured models that provide far more ergonomic benefits. Industry leading manufacturers like Eurotech Seating and RFM are pushing the industry standards by bringing to market hot new ergonomic office chairs with contoured backs that will no doubt have you sitting in superior comfort.

Integrated Lumbar

Having an office chair with lumbar support is great... if you use it properly! That being said, many of the top chair providers in the ergonomic seating world have taken note that more user friendly lumbar devices must be integrated into the market. This winter we are seeing lumbar trends emerge that include both fixed and adjustable styles that are far more effective than the classic lever and pump ball systems of the past. We think these new ergonomic lumbar technologies will prompt users to use their chairs more effectively in both home and business work environments.

Width Adjustable Arms

In years past office chair arms that would simply adjust up and down had wow factor. As this has become the industry standard, ergonomic seating brands are pushing the limits of what chair arms are capable of. In today's market we are seeing more and more width adjustable arms to provider larger users with a more comfortable work experience. Tilting arms are also becoming popular and help to improve posture and blood flow while reducing common body stressors and fatigue.

Waterfall Seat Edge

Proper posture and good blood flow are key in workplace ergonomics. Using an office chair with a waterfall seat edge will help you achieve both! For this reason we are seeing a huge swing from the traditional contoured seats of years passed to the current waterfall edge designs of the future. Chairs like the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman Industries utilize waterfall seat edges that take pressure off the knees by allowing your legs to make a smooth transition from the seat to ground. These high tech computer chairs are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of ergonomists and industry professionals alike.

Seat Slider

Chairs with seat sliding mechanisms are trending in call centers and other shared work environments. These chairs allow users to adjust quickly and effectively to a position of comfort. While not all office chairs come out of the box setup for your specific needs, seat sliders allow both smaller and larger users to find the right amount of support with ease. The depth of your seat from the chair back will greatly influence your posture, and when set correctly can greatly reduce fatigue and back pain.

Weight Sensors

Chairs with weight sensing features are really cool! Imagine settling into an office chair that doesn't require 20 adjustments to operate properly for your specific needs. Weight sensing mechanisms allow chairs to tilt and function effectively based on your body weight. Chairs like the Global Total Office Vion incorporate this technology and are trending in a major way. Sit in a Vion chair once and there's no going back. Simply take a seat and start working comfortably due to the weight sensing capabilities.



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