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Office Space Planning 101: Tips And Tricks From The Pros

 Office Space Planning Tips

With a little bit of help, you are more than capable of designing the office of your dreams. It all starts with a little bit of research and careful space planning. In today's post, we'll be highlighting tips and tricks used by the pros to help you get your makeover project started on the right foot. From properly assessing your needs to shopping for value, this article is a must read for any new furniture consumer.

Properly Assess Your Needs

Before your project can start, you'll need to properly assess your needs. Any interior designer will start by walking the area to get a feel for the space. For reception, lobby, and office waiting room furniture projects, determine the number of guests you are looking to accommodate based on traffic flow during a busy day. Next, grab a sketch pad to do a rough drawing of your areas layout from above. Do a few basic drawings to come up with configuration ideas that will improve your visitor experience and corporate appeal.

Measuring Twice Never Hurts

Perhaps the most important step of the space planning process is measuring. Take the time to attain the proper dimensions of your space. Then repeat the process to cross check your work. Rest assured, there's nothing more disheartening than purchasing desks, reception, waiting room, or new lounge furniture for office areas only to find that the items don't fit properly. Often, new furniture is made to order and non returnable. For this reason, it's absolutely vital to attain proper measurements. As a side tip, take note of all entry ways, power outlets, windows, and load bearing members. The old adage "measure twice and cut one" reigns supremely true when it comes to office space planning.

Set A Budget

Any office furniture specialist or interior design team will tell you that all professional space planning involves working within a budget. It's not hard to plan and design a new office space with no spending cap. However, it's incredibly difficult to shop and plan smart without knowing the funds you have to work with. Creating a budget for your project is an absolute must and will save you valuable time. Avoid over extending your business by working within your budget effectively.

Choosing A Style

Think like a professional when planning your space. Research the latest office design trends and settle on a style that's sure to enhance your corporate appeal and not just your specific tastes. Modern, traditional, contemporary, and industrial looks are all hot in 2014. Browse the web for various products using keyword searches for the various styles mentioned. To further research, visit local businesses for helpful insight and inspiration for your own project.

Finding Good Values

Who doesn't love a good deal? Finding a good value will make you feel all the better about your space planning and makeover project. Inquire with various dealers about closeouts, clearance, bulk savings, and free shipping specials to help you maximize your budget.



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