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5 Must Have Tools for Professional Office Design

 Tools for Office Design

So you're designing your own office space? Good for you! That being said, if you want to handle your makeover project like the pros, there's a few tools you'll need to get the job done right. In today's post, we'll highlight the items you need to acquire before the furniture shopping begins while walking your through the benefits of each.

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

First on the list is the all important measuring tape. Any interior designer will tell you that this essential tool is where every professional project starts. You'll want to measure your space effectively being sure to notate all windows, power outlets, and entry ways. While a traditional measuring tape will do the job, if you're looking for a simplified way to attain your areas dimensions, laser measuring devices are available that simply allow you to point and shoot. These are a bit more costly however. None the less, obtaining a quality measuring device will help you kick your design project off on the right foot!

Scale Ruler

Scale Ruler

Once you've obtained dimensions of your space, it's time to make a professional sketch of the area. A scale ruler can be picked up at any art supply or hobby store and is an absolute must have. You might be thinking, won't a traditional ruler work? The answer to this is very simple, a traditional ruler is not to scale. Scale rulers use dimensions as the guides to ensure you draw your space effectively and know how much area you have to work with. You will also use this device when sketching in your furniture to ensure a proper fit.

Mechanical Pencil

Professional Mechanical Pencils

You can't very well sketch your area without a good pencil! While you're at the art supply store, be sure to pick up a quality mechanical pencil to work with. Using a standard pencil is an option, but less preferred by professionals as the lines are typically far thicker, much lighter, and less accurate when drawing your space to scale.


Design Templates

Simple design templates are very helpful and inexpensive. When you're looking to sketch in your furniture to ensure a proper fit, these templates offer basic shapes for the scale you're working in. Using a template makes for straighter lines, improved accuracy, and overall better design experience. Templates come in especially handy when drawing desks for office areas as well as chairs. You won't find a professional office design team without one.

Drafting Paper

Drafting Paper for Design

You can't very well sketch your professional office furniture layouts without drafting paper! Pick up a pack at the local art supply store to help you draw more accurately to scale. The cost is minimal and the benefits are great. Standard printer paper and loose leaf paper are much harder to work with in terms of sketching professional quality layouts to scale.

Rubber Eraser

Rubber Eraser

Mistakes do happen! Adding a quality eraser to your list of tools is a must. Using the eraser on the back of your pencil will work, but is far less effective then the professional rubber models used by designers. Rubber erasers will remove graphite lead without smearing or smudging your design. Unless you like starting over when design mistakes occur, grab a cheap rubber eraser. You'll be glad you did!


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