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Build A Budget Boardroom for Your Business!

Affordable Conference Room Furniture Configuration
Assembling a budget friendly boardroom for your business may seem like a difficult task. The good news is, it doesn't have to be! By taking your time, researching the right products, and shopping for deals an affordable boardroom is withing reach. In today's article we'll highlight designer conference tables, seating, storage components, and versatile presentation aids sure to have your meeting area looking great without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

The main piece of furniture for meeting areas is the table. As the focal point of your space, office boardroom tables should make a professional statement while showcasing your business style. Top brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office all offer affordable solutions designed to meet the needs of any budget. As most businesses are equipped to handle tables 6' in length, that's what we'll focus on!

Here's A Few Great Table Suggestions We Love In 2014:

1.) Mayline 6' Brighton Series Conference Table BTCT6 - $218.99

Mayline 6' Brighton Conference Table
2.) Cherryman Industries Amber Conference Table A720 - $257.00

A720 Amber Series Conference Table

3.) Global Total Office Alba 6' Conference Table GR6STM - $497.99

Alba Series 6' Conference Table

Once you've decided on an affordable conference room table to meet your needs, it's time to focus on guest comfort. Choosing the best conference room chairs for your space can be an extensive process. With modern, leather, fabric, mesh, and high end ergonomic styles abundantly available in 2014, narrowing down your search is must! Leather and high end ergonomic styles are typically the most expensive, while utilizing mesh and fabric seating is often the most cost effective. Brands like Flash Furniture, Offices To Go, and Boss all provide excellent options under $175 each.

Here's 3 Awesome Conference Chairs Under $175:

1.) Flash Furniture BT-9826M-TAN-GG Tan Leather Conference Chair - $162.99

Tan Leather Conference Chair

2.) Offices To Go 11657B Black Mesh Conference Chair - $162.99

11657B Mesh Conference Chair by Offices To Go

3.) Boss B7101 Black Leather Conference Chair - $170.99

B7101 High Back Leather Conference Chair by Boss

With the table and chairs out of the way, it's time to focus on storage. An often overlooked feature of most conference room furniture configurations, adding versatile storage is an essential part of the design process that will help to keep your space organized while adding aesthetic value if done properly.

Here's 3 Awesome Storage Components Sure To Improve Your Meeting Area:

1.) Mayline Brighton Series Glass Display Cabinet - $494.99

Brighton Display Cabinet by Mayline

2.) Cherryman Industries Amber Wardrobe Cabinet A560 - $632.50

Amber Wardrobe Cabinet A560 by Cherryman

3.) Global 9300 Multi Stor Cabinet 9336P-5FX - $500.99

Global Multi Stor Cabinet

Last but certainly not least, the addition of a few minor presentation aids will make a big difference in your boardroom style and productivity. Products like presentation boards, lecterns, and mobile TV stands will improve your meeting quality as most individuals are more visually stimulated and will thus be more engaged in your office presentations.

Here's A Few Boardroom Accessories To Consider:

1.) Mayline Brighton Series White Board Cabinet AVPB - $394.99

Brighton White Board Cabinet

2.) Mayline Lighted Lectern 1050LT - $326.99

Lighted Metal Lectern for Conference Room

3.) Safco Scoot Series Multi Media Cart 8940BL - $535.99

Safco Scoot Multimedia Cart

As you can see, using 6 chairs and any combination of the furniture listed above will bring your total conference room makeover in at an affordable price point. If you'd like to further enhance your space, using stylish paint colors, wall art, and area rugs are all great options. In the long run, you'll be enjoying professional meetings in a space that didn't break the bank and looks great!



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