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The Office Oscars 2014

Office Oscars

In honor of the Oscars, we've decided to present our own little award show for 2014. This past year, we've seen some amazing furniture features, from chairs to desks to lounge furniture and beyond. It's time  we honor them with their own categories that showcase what each piece truly is. So sit back and enjoy the Office Oscar winners of 2014, and find out why they're so great!

Best Furniture Manufacturer

Competition was stiff this year for the category of Best Furniture Manufacturer. We've seen exquisite performances from many of our favorite brands, including Eurotech, Mayline, RFM, and even Woodstock Furniture. They've all fought for the goal and each one has earned something for their efforts, but it is without question that this year's award goes to the furniture by Global Total Office for the category of Best Manufacturer. Global's feature of reasonably priced furniture in all categories range far and wide, earning them marks for great chairs, desks, lounge furniture, and storage for office use. Their performance this year was truly a hit-on-all-sixes!

Most Comfortable Office Chair 

Eurotech Wau Series High Back Office Chair

Choosing the winners for this category was a veritable task of tears for the committee as there were many chairs worthy of recognition. There were many nominees, including the Chakra chair by Eurotech, the RFM Carmel, the RFM Verte, and the Global Arti. However, only one could be the true winner this year - the one that wowed us! The WAU-HIGH Wau Series High Back Chair by Eurotech takes home the gold this year. This five star chair is available in both a mid back and high back option offered in two color combos for maximum versatility. It boasts ergonomic capabilities and a supportive mesh back to prevent the buildup of heat and germs on the user. It's a classic in the making that we won't soon forget!

Best Supporting Ergonomic Accessory

CPU Holder

With the world of ergonomics moving as fast as it is, of course we had many nominees for this category. It was a close run between ergonomic monitor arms, office chairs, keyboard platforms, and foot rests, but I think we can say that ergonomic CPU holders left them all behind. These devices have the potential to save thousands in damage for offices that use them. A spilled cup of coffee can spell disaster for a computer's hard drive, but not with CPU holders around. Mounted under office desks, these nifty little devices are heroes in disguise!

Top Office Furniture Line 

Amber Collection by Cherryman

Again, it was a close race between the furniture lines this year. The performances of Mayline's Brighton, e5, and Global's Zira collection truly moved us, but the real star of this category is, without a doubt, Amber Collection furniture by Cherryman in the 2014 Office Oscars. It's often easy for brand names to carry versatile furniture products, but for a furniture series, it's a whole different story. Amazingly, the Cherryman Amber collection boasts chairs, desks, conference tables, storage features, and even reception stations - for more than one user! A great feat that can only be achieved by a great brand!

Best Office Desk

Ergonomic Office Desk

With all the desks out there competing for the top prize, it was hard to choose a winner for this year's desk award. However, with deliberate consideration, the committee has elected the 6048-L3 Adjustable Workstation by Ergonomic Concepts as the best office desk of the year! Portraying a simple design at first glance, with the touch of a button, this desk reaches sky-high heights for health nuts. It's no secret that standing is the healthier way to work, and with this desk, users can choose a modern way to a healthier life with this height adjustable workstation available in eight attractive finishes.

Best Conference Table

OFM Large Mesh Base Conference Table

Available in tons of attractive finishes, and versatile enough to turn any modern conference area into a workstation, the T4896MB Large Mesh Conference Table by OFM takes the gold in this category. Boasting generous elbow room, the OFM Mesh Base Table comfortably seats eight people. Its T-molded banding protects the table from bangs and scuffs during transport and assembly.

Most Eco Friendly Office Product

Global Arti Chair

It's hard to determine the eco-friendliness of something, but thanks to Greenguard Certified office products, users can rest assured their office items are sustainable and guilt-free! Now, of course, Eurotech churned out some excellent examples of the green mindset, as they do every year. But the award for Most Eco Friendly Office Product goes to the Global 6670-2 Arti Series Polypropylene  Back Office chair in 2014. This wonder of a chair not only boasts spectacular ergonomic design and comfort, which earned it an honorable mention for Most Comfortable Office Chair. It's also 95% recyclable! Designed by the brilliant Zooey Chu, we wouldn't expect anything less!

Best Furniture Configuration 

Global Citi Collection

The nominees for this category included many desk configurations and furniture sets, but the winner for the 2014 award has to go to the Global 7875-7876 Citi Lounge Furniture Collection for waiting areas. This collection draws visitors to a comfortable lounge chair, sofa, and a stylish coffee table capable of fitting in both home and business environments. Available in four appealing leather upholsteries with leg options and sofa sizes available, this collection is a dream set for office reception areas, waiting rooms, and lobbies alike!

Most Original Chair Design

Eurotech Chakra Chair

In what seems like everyone's favorite category, we've seen some real doozies this year in the realm of weird and wacky office chairs. Surprisingly, we've had some strange nominations for the Carmel by RFM, the Swopper Chair by Via Seating, and plenty of others by Global and Eurotech, but it is the last manufacturer that takes the gold! For outstanding supremacy in the category of weirdest design, the Chakra Chair by Eurotech Seating wins this category. Featuring seven independently moving cushions, and available in a host of colors, this zoomorphic chair manages incredible comfort by cradling the body's pressure points. It is a favorite of yoga enthusiasts and deskercisers everywhere, not just for its color, but for its zen-like airy support system!

Product of the Year

OFM Recoil Lounge CHair

And finally, the category we've all been waiting for - Product of the Year! 2014 has seen astounding performances from office desks, chairs, training tables, conference furniture, and so many more. However, there can be only one to take home the coveted Product of the Year award. That goes to none other than the 841 Recoil Lounge Chair by OFM for waiting areas. The Recoil is available in numerous colors, but it's the modern design, heavy duty construction, generous dimensions, and anti-microbial spring back that make this chair so popular. Along with Net Series Beam Seating as a close runner up, Recoil chairs have put on spectacular performances time and time again. We are proud to name it the winner of this year's Office Oscars! Let's all look forward to an entertaining new year!


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