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Is A Standing Office Desk Right For You?

People are starting to hear more and more about the benefits of standing office desks. Everywhere, former sitters are making the switch in the name of health, but while it's true that there are plenty of benefits to being a little more active, is a standing desk really right for you? How can you know? Well, don't fret. This handy-dandy guide will help you decide!


1.) Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Health is perhaps one of the biggest reasons employees and business owners are making the switch to standing desks. It's no secret that activity has been largely phased out of the modern world; the results can be seen in the hips and thighs of citizens all over the nation. However, studies have shown that those who stand lose quite a bit more weight than sitters. Anatomy experts and doctors all tend to agree that the human body was better designed for standing activities such as walking or running. In fact, some scientists have even likened sitting at conventional corner desks for office use to smoking! The idea is that standing reduces stress on the spine, alleviating back pain, and promoting weight loss, which in turn, diminishes many of the problems associated with weight gain. Lower risk of diabetes, cancer, and inactive metabolism can all be done away with, in theory, by standing at the office!

2.) Convenience

Convenient Standing Office Desk User

Another big plus for standing office desks comes from convenience. With traditional cubicles and executive desks, and even efficient modular workstations for office use, users aren't often guaranteed the choice to stand if they want to. One of the biggest benefits of height adjustable standing desks like the 6048-L3 Ergonomic Concepts Adjustable Workstation is that users have the option of sitting or standing. If they ever need to do both, their desk is capable of accommodating them. This versatility is especially valued in most workplaces, and as they say, better safe than sorry.

3.) Energy

Energetic Employees

Even if the full range of health benefits has not been definitively proven by scientific study in the realm of standing desks, one thing that all users seem to agree on is that they feel more energized. It only makes sense after all. The human body is more active standing than sitting. More is getting done. The metabolism burns faster, and there isn't the constant urge to relax, or maybe even take a nap, as there is with comfortable office chairs for tasking applications.  When users are forced to stand, they feel more awake, more focused, more active, more happy. Often, work is done faster and more efficiently when standing, even if it is work on a computer. Almost every owner of a standing office desk (who actually stands while working) attests to this fact. Forget the coffee! You won't need it with standing desks.


1.) Health Dangers


It's true that there are plenty of health benefits to standing. When the body is upright, it is stretched out, whereas in a chair, all the stress of support is put on the spine, causing tremendous back and muscle pain for those that don't have good chairs. However, even if the spine is alleviated of stress when standing, gravity still has its effects. When the human body stands, all the weight is efficiently distributed until it comes down to two points - the feet. Of course, we are designed to support ourselves this way, but there is only so much pressure our legs and feet can take. One of the biggest problems reported by those with standing office desks is leg and foot pain. Blood circulation going down isn't an issue, but going back up, it definitely meets some resistance. Too much standing can cause hyperextention in the legs, hurting the nerves and tendons if breaks aren't taken in long standing sessions.

2.) Potential Inconvenience

Aching Feet

For those that are used to sitting or that need to sit for their job, standing can be an inconvenience. The transition from sitter to stander isn't that hard, but it takes some getting used to. Those considering the switch may find standing for several hours a tiring and even painful experience. The pain and achiness is a natural transition caused by your legs strengthening, but it can also be a hinderance to work, mood and focus at the office until your body gets used to the new way of working. Additionally, for those that rely a sitting position to complete work tasks, for example, some artists, mechanics, engineers, standing can also be an issue. While there are plenty of studies that prove the health benefits of standing, there are no studies yet that definitively prove the benefits of standing office desks. We expect there will be some out soon, but until then, sticking with affordable ergonomic leather chairs is never a bad idea.

3.) Alternatives

Chakra Office Chair

For those skeptical about standing office desks, there are plenty of alternatives. If your workplace doesn't allow standing desks, keeping oneself healthy isn't impossible, it just takes a bit of extra work. With revolutionary inventions like the CHAKRA-GREEN-WHITE Chakra Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech, and other revolutionary ergonomic chairs, users can stay healthy by "deskercising." Office chair yoga and exercise have become all the rage lately for improving office health. Users that eat right and take short breaks to stretch and stay active have greatly improved health even without the added benefits of a standing desk. All it takes is focus.


Standing Office Desk Review

In the end, there are plenty of benefits that standing desks can solve. Staying upright promotes tremendous health, but it can also hinder it by forcing all the body's weight on the feet. However, even this can be solved with leg braces and foot pads, and it can even be fully eliminated with periodic sitting breaks. Perhaps the best solution to the idea of a standing office desk is balance. Users that fully consider their work style, while also accommodating for the body's need to sit place themselves in the best position to gain from a standing desk. The body works best when standing, but it also needs to take breaks once in a while to keep from overexertion. Conclusively, standing at the office is great, as long as modern ergonomic chairs for convenience are available for the moments when users need them.



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