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Are You Maximizing Your Ergonomic Potential?

All too often, people will spend hundreds on ergonomic furniture and still wonder what is wrong. "Why do I still have back pain?" "Where is the efficiency?" "Ergonomic furniture is just a bunch of hokum!" These are all popular statements for people that aren't reaping the full rewards of their ergonomic furniture, but the good news is, it's not the furniture. Decades of intense study can go into the design of a single chair before it's rolled out to the public. If you spent a bundle on ergonomic furniture but aren't seeing the rewards, try asking yourself these questions to improve your experience.

Are You Adjusting Your Chair Regularly?

Office Chair Adjustments

Like the working world, the human body is constantly changing and adapting to new situations. If you don't notice your ergonomic chair working right away, it may be because you never adjusted it to suit your needs to begin with. In the office, quality executive chairs with ergonomic features are precision instruments. The more high end a chair is, the more is expected of you. Ergonomic chairs will do wonders for back pain, joint problems, and anything else they advertise as long as the user holds up their end of the bargain - to use the chair. This means more than just sitting. This means actively working with your chair for the best your body can receive, and that includes adjusting it as your muscles change and heal. Take the time every few weeks to reexamine your seating experience, and make sure you are using your chair. Leaning forward to work on a computer takes you away and ruins your purchase. As your body heals with your new chair or you add new activities to your daily routine, adjustments should be made for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Are You Maximizing Desk Space?

Maximizing Desk Space

If ergonomics is all about improving productivity and efficiency, you may be wondering why you aren't working faster. The answer is usually one of simple practicality. An ergonomic chair will do wonders for back pain but it likely won't make you work faster and more efficiently. That task falls to a different product entirely. Adding ergonomic keyboard trays for computer use to the office greatly maximizes desk space, which is one of the fastest ways to a faster office. Ergonomic keyboard trays mount underneath office desks and can adjust to meet your unique needs. People with joint pain love them because they no longer have to reach up to the desk to type, which brings us to another point! Keyboard trays maximize desk space. By staying out of the way, they leave the desk open for important things. This way, users can use the desk for what it's for without having to wiggle around searching for a place to write. Desk, computer, keyboard, papers, it's all right there in front of you!

Are You Using a Monitor Arm?

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

For a product that's useful to almost anyone who works in an office, monitor arms are some of the most underrated products out there. Oftentimes, people will wonder why their new ergonomic chair hasn't solved their back and neck problems, and the answer is, they aren't using it. Instead of sitting back, they're straining forward trying to see a computer screen. Because of this, monitor arms can improve work experience tenfold. They work by mounting to a wall or desk and attaching a computer screen to a long adjustable arm that can stretch out and tilt, so the user doesn't have to strain their body trying to see the screen. Quality adjustable monitor arms improve health by relieving back pain, eye strain, and other problems caused by an inefficiently placed computer screen. Dual screens increase computer desktop work area and improve work rate. They're perfect for anyone who is near or far sighted. As an added plus, they also help maximize desk space!

Is Lighting an Issue?

Office Eye Strain

Lighting can be an issue on both ends of the spectrum with some users receiving either too much light or too little. Eye strain is one of the most common problems in the workplace, and it's usually associated with computers. However, the human eye can only handle so much light. People who work in a bright office with a bright computer screen are overloading their eyes, causing pain. The best way to solve this is by dimming the blinds or dimming the brightness of your computer screen in the settings (which also conserves power!) On the other hand, workers who receive too little light are also damaging their eyes. Too often, people in public business environments will settle for less light, thinking they have no control over the company. However, there are tons of discount office lighting for sale for those that look. Desk lamps, task lights, and under mount lights can change the whole look of stylish office desks with glass or wood surfaces, and they also reduce eye strain for a more productive work experience.

Did You Get the Right Product?

Online Shopping

Sometimes maximizing efficiency is all about knowing what to buy. As effective as a keyboard tray is, it likely won't do much if you're hoping to see your computer screen better. The best way to identifying the ideal ergonomic solution is to identify the problem first. Ergonomic products are specifically designed to deal with different individual needs. Chairs like the 6671-2 Arti Series Synchro Knee Tilter Chair by Global may be created with articulating joints to alleviate back pain, while ergonomic keyboard trays are better for joints in the hands, wrists, and arms. If you know what problems you want to solve, you have a much better chance of determining the right product for yourself. Also, never be afraid to call up your furniture dealer to ask for a recommendation or an exchange. As a dealer, it's their job to know the best ergonomic products for different specific needs. Chances are, you'll get exactly the product your looking for, and perhaps even a great deal!



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