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Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for the Office

It's the last day of February, and hopefully, the last few days of winter! But however long it takes the thermometer to actually take a tip from the calendar, one thing's for sure - spring is definitely on the way, and what better way to start it off than with a bit of spring cleaning? Homes and businesses can get pretty grimy during the winter, especially with everyone cooped up inside. Things are bound to get a little run down with the constant use. Fortunately, these great spring office maintenance tricks can tighten things up in no time at all!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Whether you're in a public environment or a private one, spring cleaning is important in any space. It seems like almost everyone catches some sort of bug in the wintertime, be it the flu or just a common cold. Without a touch of spring cleaning however, those bugs can stay on the surfaces of desks and chairs for who knows how long. That's why whipping out the Windex is never a bad idea. If everyone takes a few minutes at the end of the day to clean up desks, chairs, and modern cubicles for office use, the whole workplace turns into a safer, healthier environment. Keep up the routine, and it also reduces the chances of pests (both the invisible ones and creepy-crawlies). There's nothing like a freshly cleaned, lemon-scented office to you up in the morning, so don't be afraid to clean up!

Spring Flowers

Desk Plants

Everyone loves spring flowers, but who says they have to stay outside? Recent studies by Rutgers University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and even NASA have all conducted some amazing research on properties of plants, and guess what! Many of them are great for office use. Keeping a bit of greenery on stylish executive desks with modern design not only enlivens the look of the office, it also enlivens the people! Greens like golden pothos, peace lilies, lemon balms, and gardenias are all gorgeous plants that are scientifically proven to drastically improve air quality by removing harmful VOCs. They're especially excellent for the elderly and anyone living in the city. Users even report clearer thinking and more energy just from keeping these natural, affordable air purifiers for office use around.

Go Green


The modern age has meant some great news for the world's forests. With the advent of computers and digital technology, people are chopping down less trees to make paper. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we're entirely paper-free. Post-its and small papers can fill up an office faster than you could ever imagine, until it seems like the whole office is swimming in a sea of colorful paper squares. Bottles, chip bags, and lunch containers can add to the melee, creating a nest of mess. Instead of cramming all of this into the trash though, why not consider recycling? With designated recycle bins for styrofoam, bottles, and paper, the trash won't fill up so fast, and will need to be taken out much less often. Furthermore, employees and janitors won't throw their backs out lifting huge trash bags. With all the clutter divided up for eco-friendly disposal, companies can save money on ergonomic office chairs for back pain, (and they may even get a bit of extra cash for going green!)

Office Tuneup

Office Maintenance

Just like cars, offices need maintenance once in a while. After a long winter spent indoors, chairs, office desks, modular workstations for multiple users, and even computers can get a little bent out of shape. Instead of letting everything fall apart, or springing for brand new furniture, try going around for a little office tuneup. Check the joints of office desks to tighten the screws and glue down any loose panels. Use an air-spray can to gently clean out keyboard trays for computer use. Scrape the gunk out of your office chair's wheels. When all is said and done, go through and empty your computer's recycle bin, run diagnostics, and clean out the hardware. In the end, your office will be faster, more efficient, comfortable, and it may even have that new-office smell!

Keep it Going

Build A Habit

All this cleaning is well and good, but it's even better for those who keep it up. People that make a habit out of cleanliness live much healthier lives than those who don't. Instead of simply spring cleaning, try to turn the season into a lifestyle. Don't eat at office desks or around high tech furniture for computer users, as crumbs can attract bugs that spread germs and damage equipment. Afterwards, make a habit of wiping things down with disinfectants, and try to convince your co-workers to do the same. See if you can convince the boss to hire a weekly/monthly cleaning service, and be sure to keep hand sanitizers available for use by everyone. Living a sanitary life prevents illness and improves overall health. Make a habit out of spring cleaning, and you'll never have to do it again!


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