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Popular Office Makeover Themes of 2014

When designing a new office, it's best to create a theme that expresses your business ingenuity and personal style. In today's article we'll showcase 5 trending makeover themes that are sure to improve your corporate decor while impressing your valued clientele. From traditional luxury to high tech style, we've got the decor  inspiration you need to get your project started on the right foot!


Traditional Wood Office Furniture

The traditional office makeover theme offers luxury appeal for high end work environments. This look includes the use of rich wood office furniture from the lobby to the boardroom. Those striving to create elegant work spaces for their business will love popular collections like the Sorrento series by Mayline as the rich tones boast a timeless style that's always trending. In addition to Sorrento, other popular wood veneer furniture lines using mahogany, cherry, and espresso finishes are ideal.


Modern Office Furniture

Cutting edge furniture is in! Creating a state of the art workspace means using new products with ample wow factor. Contemporary products like the VL-707N Verde desk configuration by Cherryman are a great way to add modern appeal to your space in one simple and easy to spec package. Accentuating this theme is actually quite simple. Cool lighting fixtures, area rugs, and wall art can all be found in local stores and online at budget friendly prices to help you complete the look. A modern space shows sophistication and creativity. This is one theme in which you'll want to let your personal style shine through!


Retro Office Furniture

In 2014, manufacturers are bringing back the retro look in a major way. New products like the 921 Endure Series Stool by OFM and Kate series chairs from Global are capitalizing on this popular movement. The retro trend blends a combination of antique style with metal tones to form products inspired by the past. While nothing says retro like true vintage furniture, going this route can be quite costly. With top brands like those mentioned above filling this industry demand, it's best to start your search for retro furniture here if you're looking to save a buck! Finding accent products for this makeover theme can also be quite fun. Visit thrift stores and second hand shops in your local area and you'll find design inspiration in abundance.

Stainless Steel Bistro Table

This year you'll be sure to notice a huge increase in industrial style office furnishings. The use of stainless steel in the workplace will be one key factor to as to this trends major boom. In addition to super cool style, industrial furniture also adds an element of long term durability that's sure to be appreciated by any consumer. Hot products like the Mayline CA30SLS Square bistro table provide interior design teams and shoppers with the ability to easily add industrial style to office common areas. The lounge, lobby, reception area, and break room are all great places to showcase this awesome theme.

High Tech

High Tech Conference Table

It's time to power up your office! Using high tech products in the workplace adds cutting edge style while simultaneously improving efficiency. Areas like the boardroom are getting a major boost with multi media products including powered tables, televisions, and ergonomic accessories designed for superior productivity. A high tech space is sure to get the conversation started with your visitors as well. Incorporating this theme will earn you ample compliments on a daily basis. To achieve this look, start your design project by shopping the newest products from brands like Global, Mayline, OFM, Cherryman Industries, and ESI. There selection of adjustable ergonomic desks and tables will help you take your space over the top.



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