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Product Showcase: Popular RFM Office Chairs of 2013

Even if RFM Preferred Seating is not especially well known, its products are certainly popular. This brand consistently produces stylish, colorful, comfortable chairs of all shapes and sizes, and always remains on the cutting edge of innovation. For thirty-five years, RFM has built a name for themselves as a brand dedicated to ergonomic advancement and customer satisfaction. This year, RFM has received tremendous success with their award winning chairs virtually flying off the shelves. Here are just a few of their most popular seating solutions in 2013!

RFM Echelon Office Chair 1935QFirst up, we a happy to present all the chairs from RFM's Echelon Series. These little beauties feature comfort the likes of which has never been seen in task chairs at the same price point before. As always, RFM has not lacked for ergonomic innovation. Echelon task chairs feature multi function control, a seat slider, height adjustability, a breathable mesh back to prevent overheating and germ buildup, and on top of it all, a 1900 comfort molded tractor seat. 2013 has seen these chairs most often in cubicles and other office tasking applications partly because Echelon series chairs are so ideal for these environments. RFM provides these chairs with countless color options to easily match existing office decor. Whether you choose to go with the comfortable mid-back or high-back option, the Echelon series' comfortable mesh task chairs for office use are sure to win your heart!
RFM Preferred Seating Multi Shift Chair 98950

Next in our lineup is the 98950 Multi Shift Executive Chair by RFM for office use. It's no wonder this chair has been so popular this year. Complete with contoured foam cushions, countless color options and a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, this chair can handle just about anything that's thrown at it. RFM has designed this chair to cradle the neck and lumbar, so it is perfect for executive or home office use and ideal for just about any work environment. Living up to their reputation for customer satisfaction, RFM also lets users choose their seat size on this chair. With all these remarkable innovations, this chair is a tough one to beat.

RFM Preferred Seating Evergreen Guest Chair 603AAny office furniture aficionado can tell you how popular reception area makeovers were in 2013. With the advent of beam seating and other reception furniture innovations, it was hard to keep guest seating solutions on the shelves. As a popular office furniture manufacturer, RFM experienced its own popularity explosion with regards to their 603A Evergreen Guest Chair by RFM, part of their popular Evergreen series. This guest chair hides sturdy construction under a deceptively simple design. Designed to accommodate almost every body type, this chair features generously sized cushions of durable foam. Of course, the Evergreen Guest Chair also offers the vast array of RFM's stylish color choices. It is a perfect solution for any office reception area, waiting room, or lobby.
RFM Seating Carmel High Back Ergonomic Chair 8235

Next on our list comes the RFM 8235 Carmel Ergonomic Chair to improve your posture. Although it may look strange, this chair is actually incredibly comfortable. RFM never lacks for ergonomic innovation, and this chair offers some ergonomic benefits that will leave users speechless. The narrow upper back of this chair encourages users to sit with their shoulders back, which promotes comfort because that is the way the body is meant to sit. It also provides greater freedom of motion. A thoracic ridge is incorporated to cradle the body and alleviate back pain. With the ability to accommodate up to 300 lbs, this chair by RFM is definitely one of the best fabric office chairs with ergonomic features out there. No wonder it's seen so much success this year!

RFM 22011 Verte Ergonomic Office Chair
Finally, we leave you with the chair that is heralded as one of the most comfortable office chairs in existence. The 22011 RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair is the pride and joy of RFM Preferred Seating, and the brand has really outdone themselves with this one. The Verte is the product of a decade hard research and study by ergonomic specialists and designers. Its back is equipped with eleven torsion spring-loaded joints designed to replicate and support the movements of the human spine. They can be locked in place with the touch of a lever. Users have loved the spectacular comfort of this amazing chair. Sit in it once, and you'll think it hung the moon (and with all it's ergonomic capabilities, we wouldn't be shocked if it did!)



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