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Furniture Reviews: Top 7 Global Lounge Furniture Sets for Home and Business

Any interior designer will tell you decorating isn't easy. Searching for quality furniture is challenging enough, but finding sofas, chairs, and ottomans with stylish fabric to match walls and tables can be very difficult. Fortunately, furniture manufacturers like Global Total Office have hipped up to this problem.  Pre-picked, pre-matched, and available in a host of designs, 2013 has seen some amazing lounge furniture sets from Global that solve all the decorating problems for their users. If you're looking to redo your lounge furniture space, whether it's at home or in the office, check out these top seven Global furniture sets to make your decorating job a snap!

Global Wind Series Lounge Furniture SetGlobal is known for their vast collection of incredible office furniture products, but their lounge furniture certainly should never be overlooked. From one of the leading office chair manufacturers in the nation, the 3361-3363 Global Wind Series Lounge Furniture Set was designed for smaller spaces. Because of this, it is perfect for use in homes, apartments, but especially small office reception areas and waiting rooms. Featuring two comfortable lounge chairs and a three-seat sofa, this furniture set is available in a host of color options for your convenience. The chrome accents on the bases offer a modern look that is a must have for any contemporary lounge space.

Global Citi Furniture Collection
Not surprisingly, Global's Citi Collection is perfect for use in contemporary urban office spaces. Its compact design makes the Citi Lounge Furniture Set by Global perfect for apartments, homes, and office reception areas. Pictured here in a stylish black leather, the collection is actually available in four attractive color options for user convenience. Simply choose the color that best matches the surrounding areas, and you're on your way to a gorgeous new space full of modern appeal!

Global Prairie Lounge Furniture SetFor a much more homely look, take a gander at the Prairie Collection. This lounge furniture collection by Global offers tremendous color choices for those who still like to exercise their creative muscles when decorating. The Global Prairie Furniture Set for lounge use features one two-seat sofa and a lounge chair. Both provide smooth barrel shaped arms for an attractive look that perfectly compliments any living room, waiting room, or small office reception area.

Global Pursuit Waiting Room Furniture SetAs one of the more popular lounge furniture collections by Global, this lounge furniture set is called "Pursuit" for a reason. If you're looking for a stylish lounge chair and sofa that can seamlessly transition from a home environment to an office one, look no further than this amazing furniture choice. For an extremely affordable price, the Pursuit Waiting Room Furniture Set by Global makes a wonderful addition to waiting rooms, reception areas, lobbies, and living rooms alike. Like most of Global's furniture, this set is available in numerous color options to help with decorating. All this set asks for is some cool accent pieces to help it stand out, and it will make any room shine.   

Jarvis Lounge Furniture Set by GlobalTake one glance at chairs in the Jarvis Furniture Set by Global and you'll be hooked. There's a reason this furniture set is one of Global's more popular choices. The chair and two-seat sofa create a perfect blend of past and future, with old-school scrolled arms combined with clean, smooth surfaces indicative of the modern era. Like other stylish lounge furniture by Global, the Jarvis set is available in a host of color options. It was designed to fit in with the lighter scale of today's popular commercial interiors, but it looks fabulous in home and office environments alike. 

Global Flam Lounge Furniture Collection
Although it was designed mainly for use in offices, the Global Flam Lounge Furniture Collection makes a super affordable home furniture alternative. One of the greatest aspects of the furniture in this collection is the extra space it seems to provide. Both the chair and the comfortable three-seat sofa feature open spaces underneath the seat cushions for convenient storage. It makes a great addition to break rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, and any other office lounge area. 

Global Ballara Furniture Layout JFinally, we leave you with one of the greatest collections Global has to offer. The Ballara collection by Global is one of the most popular furniture sets for lounge use on the market today. The reason why is because Ballara offers numerous furniture layouts for your convenience. Ideally designed for office use, all furniture layouts in the Ballara collection are designed with business in mind, from waiting rooms, to reception areas, lobbies, break rooms, and more. With Ballara, you can rest assured that there is a furniture configuration perfect for the unique needs of your business!



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