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The World of Open Desking

Open Desking Layout
Open desking is a popular trend that's sweeping the nation. This form of modular furniture is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for large office work areas. While cubicles will always have their place in the office world, open desk configuration provide a stylish alternative that interior designers and business owners are falling in love with. The benefits of this cutting edge furniture style are extensive. From stylish designs to a more open feel, today's article highlights the key attributes your business will gain with an open desking layout for your employees.

Contemporary Open Desking Configuration
Creating a lasting impression on valued clientele is essential. One great way to achieve just that is through the use of cutting edge furniture. Open desking will certainly provide your office with the wow factor needed to provide a professional look that's sure to impress. When compared to panel furniture, the cost of open style desk configurations are a bit more expensive. However, the aesthetic attributes, open feel, and modern look is worth the extra investment!

If you've ever visited a business with high wall panel furniture you've probably felt a bit cramped. While cubicles do provide more privacy than open desking configurations, they also make large areas feel much smaller than they really are. The ability to see from one end of an office floor to the other is often hindered and invaded upon by the cubicle layout in order to fit as many employees as possible into a space. Those with limited square footage will enjoy the illusion of a more expansive work floor without the obtrusive panel walls that tend to create that boxed in feeling.

Mayline e5 Series Open DeskingOpen desking is a great way to create collaborative work environments that promote team activities. While call centers are more commonly outfitted with cubicles to keep noise down, sales oriented businesses will benefit far more from an open configuration that allows for more group interaction. In addition, tech and IT companies that network regularly throughout the day will certainly enjoy the open feel created from these trend setting office furniture solutions.

With an extensive selection of components available, the customization capabilities of open style furniture lines are simply unmatched. From smaller desks for two or three users to large units for big business, stylish and versatile configurations are easily specked that allow room for future growth. The modular design qualities ensure your business is easily equipped with ample storage and work surface space to meet the needs of any work day. Rest assured, these professional desks for business use are built to the highest standards of quality with the needs of modern workers in mind

Zira Series Open Desking

So you think open desking is the perfect option for your office makeover? Great! You'll want to source the best and most reliable products available for your project. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline provide some of the latest collections including the popular new e5 furniture series that was a main contributor to this trends rapid growth. With a variety of matching desks for executive office available, e5 will allow users to create a cohesive look from the sales floor to the CEO's office. In addition, lines like Zira series from Global are incredibly affordable and offer a wide range of upgrade options for those looking to taking their layout to the next level.

Modular Mutli User Desk LayoutIf open desking is the best choice for your business, meeting with an office furniture design specialist will provide excellent insight on how to maximize your workplace potential. From power options to versatile storage products for office use, industry professionals will be happy to provide advice and ideas that are sure to improve your long term efficiency. No matter the manufacturer or layout you choose to go with, keep goals like productivity, effectiveness, and room for growth as top priorities. Do this and you'll be on your way to a stylish work environment designed with cutting edge products that will keep your business on the cutting edge for years to come!



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