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Cutting Edge Tools For The Modern Receptionist

Most modern businesses are highlighted by a guest waiting area designed to impress valued clientele while providing a professional look. In order to do this successfully while providing the best customer service possible, you'll need to outfit your receptionist with some of the industries best new tools. The cutting edge products highlighted in today's post are sure to make your front desk personnel business super heroes!

Cutting Edge Sennheiser Headset
The first key product you should provide your office receptionist with is a high quality headset. 2013 has brought with it a variety of cutting edge new products that are sure to provide any front desk employee with fast and effective hands free phoning capabilities. Units like the cutting edge DW Pro 1 ML by Sennheiser offer a stylish look that also provides helpful ergonomic benefits. No more straining your neck to hold the phone clamped on the shoulder! That's just not healthy. Instead, products like this comfortable set from Sennheiser provide the perfect solution for all day operators looking for a fail safe option for their work days. A seemingly limitless array of user friendly features come standard with this versatile office tool!

ORION Tablet MountTablets like the iPad are becoming an essential part of modern business. Healthcare professionals are using these valuable tools on a daily basis to improve productivity and save time. Equipping your receptionist with a versatile tablet provides a modern alternative to sign in sheets as well as a great way to stay organized. While a tablet is great, leaving it sitting around the office is just not wise. Luckily, stylish and secure mounts for tablets are now available like the the ORION by ESI. Priced at only $149.99 this product is a great investment for those businesses looking to use tablets in front office locations and other open areas. Mounting a tablet on the outside edge of your receptionist's desk, you can provide your clientele with quick and easy info that saves your front desk employee time explaining the simple order of office procedures several times throughout the day. The benefits are just plain awesome. Every business utilizing tablets should improve themselves by adding a versatile mounting option.

Marque Reception Station 55314Providing your receptionist with a quality workstation designed for conducting business at the highest levels is essential. In 2013 the industries hottest brands are all offering exciting new desks for reception area applications that are sure to improve your corporate decor. One station that stands a cut above the rest is the 55314 unit from the popular Marque collection. This stylish unit features a curved design that gives an excellent vantage point from any angle. The trend setting style is best accented by the silver frame and translucent transaction screen. Needless to say, high quality furnishings like this don't come cheap! Priced at $4895.99 the 55314 is still worth every penny and will provide your receptionist with the command center needed to provide the absolute best customer service possible.

Mount for Mulitple Computer Screens
Efficiency is a key trait any quality receptionist must possess. Equipping your front desk personnel with mounts for multiple computer screens is a great way to provide just that! Versatile units like the adjustable mounts from ESI provide increased desk space by keeping your monitors supported on a single beam that can be grommet or clamp mounted. Models like the MMFS2 are an affordable choice at only $335.99. Your receptionist will be able to quickly multi task by using two screens at once. The swivel and turn adjustment capabilities will allow guests to see a screen when needed. Cutting edge monitors can even be added that allow for easy sign in without those old school pads that take up valuable counter space.

Modern Desk Cable Organizer
Any receptionist will tell you that high levels of productivity can't be achieved without organization. In order to keep an organized welcome station, receptionist's will need to be armed with several of 2013's coolest and most cutting edge desk organizing products. Items like powered desk sets offer the ability to charge devices quickly while keeping your pens and pencils nice and neat. In addition, simple items like wire organizers will keep all those various plugs nice, neat, and at hands reach when needed. It's no secret that power outlets are always at a premium. Equipping your station with labeled power strips is always a great way to help. In 2013, stylish power options are available that can be mounted underneath or on the side of desk walls to save floor space and improve organizing. In the long run, the little details make the biggest difference. Adding helpful accessories for desks and office workstations provide helpful ergo benefits that make us better employees that work happier and smarter!



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