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Contemporary Stools for Home and Business Use

If you still think of bar stools as hard, uncomfortable pieces of plastic or metal, you are definitely in for a treat! The modern age has brought with it many innovative new designs in office furniture, but few categories have made as many leaps and bounds in technology as the realm of bar stools! No longer are stools unsightly pieces of last-choice furniture. Instead, they are technological revelations that will likely leave you breathless. Here's a list of amazing stools that are wonderful for all sorts of needs, from school use, to home use, business use and more. Enjoy!

Global Marche Bar StoolTo start you off on the path to success, we give you the bar stool that looks like it could be anything but! The Global Marche Stool is one of the most incredibly stylish stools to hit the market yet. Available in three fabulous designs, not to mention more colors and finishes than you can count, this series of stylish bar stools combines graceful curves with a super chic look that will easily impress anyone who looks at it, let alone sits in one. While just about all modern bar stools today have some kind of awesome look to them, this particular line of stools is not just limited to bars. This chair also makes a great addition to cafe furniture, comfortable lounge furniture, and guest furniture alike, and never does it disappoint!

The next chair in our lineup of eye-popping style comes from the realm of fabric stools, and boy are we not kidding when we say "eye-popping"! These super colorful fabric stools for sale will appeal to your inner vibrance without a doubt. Many of these chairs are just so incredibly colorful that its hard not to notice them, making them excellent choices for interior designers who are looking for a dashing piece of accent furniture to compliment all sorts of rooms. One company that has come to be recognized as the epitome of vivid brilliance is definitely RFM Preferred Seating for their line of professional stools. Although better known for its line of affordable office chairs, RFM's stools are some of the best out there today. In fact, one of their best is the RFM Square Foot Stool for home and business use. Available in a host of fabric colors and designs, these stools are beloved by artists for studio seating, decorators for their style, and just about everyone else for their incredible comfort. Actually, adding stools to the line of ergonomic seating  has been extremely successful, not just for manufacturers, but also for anyone who contributes these ergonomic stools to their establishment. If you're looking to put a bit of color into a room, colorful fabric stools are definitely worth the consideration!

Via Seating Special Edition Swopper ChairAnother cool seating option that is hard to upstage comes from the world of modern stools for the home and business. Although popular modern stools hardly ever lack for vibrance, the appeal of these stools stools relies less on eye-catching colors and more on spectacular design. The nifty shapes and curves of these stools make them stand out in almost every situation, but its difficult for any stool to catch more looks than the Via Seating Special Edition Swopper Chair for its originality! This amazing piece of seating depends on high quality German engineering, designed for people with low back pain. Packed with health benefits, this stool comes with an optional backing so that it can just as easily belong to the category of modern task chairs as it does in the realm of stools. This three-time award winning stool has brought relief to people all over the world, achieving not only a host of reputable awards,  but also the hearts of anyone suffering from low-back pain and anyone with a heart for fun!

OFM Moon Swivel Chair
Actually, speaking of backs, did you know that most people think of stools as backless seating options? In fact, one of the reasons so many people find stools uncomfortable is that, years ago, it was quite difficult to find a stool with a some sort of back support. Fortunately, with the arrival of the modern age, manufacturers have realized the importance of stools that provide back support. One of the most popular styles of stools that do this are versatile mesh back stools to provide breathability while also alleviating pain. Since their invention, breathable mesh back chairs have made an excellent name for themselves in the office furniture industry, so much so that manufacturers everywhere have mesh back items in their guest chairs, task chairs, and even executive chairs categories. One especially supportive stool happens to be the OFM Moon Swivel Chair, and the best part about it is its affordability! This product by OFM Office Furniture allows for both height and swivel control, complete with a mesh backing for maximum comfort so that anyone who uses it is instantly impressed!

Flash Furniture Lime Green StoolIts obvious that the world of professional stools has more to offer than was ever thought possible. What with all the comfort, the colors, the styles, and all the amazing designs, its hard to believe that anyone could still think stools are just for art studios and doctor's offices. Stools have made an incredible comeback in the office furniture world, and each seating brand has contributed some amazing new products. However, if there is one manufacturer that has gone all out to make a name for its stools, it would definitely have to be Flash Furniture. Well known for super trendy designs, Flash Furniture has proven itself as a fast-paced company that easily matches the the rapidly changing office furniture industry by constantly adding new products and removing the old. This company stays on top of the current trends for you so you know that whatever you buy from them is always in style. Its no surprise that their line of stools is just as diverse as their collection of office seating solutions! The colorful and uniquely shaped stools from Flash Furniture have become a favorite amongst interior designers, so you can often find these stools in some of the most fabulously designed offices, bedrooms, and salons in existence. In the end, whether you choose to go with Backless Stools or something more sophisticated, Flash Furniture, along with other top brands like Mayline Office Furniture, OFM, and Global Office Furniture, will always provide amazing stools that will always keep you on the cutting edge!



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