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What Should A New Reception Desk Cost?

One of the most important furniture purchases your company will make is the reception desk. This main focal piece of your business entrance and guest waiting area showcases your corporate decor and office style. Knowing what to expect in terms of reception desk cost will help you get the most out of your office makeover budget. This helpful article analyzes the cost of the top 5 reception station styles on the market today. Enjoy!

Small Reception Desks
Small Reception Desks
Those limited on space will be in search of space saving solutions that don't lack in style. As the most most affordable style available, small reception stations are designed specifically for areas with minimal square footage. Most of the industries top business furniture brands offer their small stations will the ability to add returns in the future. This is truly a great way to save a bundle down the road as the needs of your office increase. All factors considered, smaller welcoming stations start out at about $550 from the Mayline Brighton Series and extend up into the thousands. If you're shopping for a station to meet your limited space and access, expect to spend around $1000 for a high quality unit with ample storage for your business.

Modern Reception Desks
Modern Reception Desks

The modern look is in! The top modern reception stations for sale in 2013 are sure to provide your business with ample wow factor. Products like the Cherryman Verde series Reception Desk priced at $1509.99 are sure to provide your welcoming area with the contemporary style needed to keep your office on the cutting edge. While far more expensive models are surely available, a price range of $1500 to $2000 will definitely provide you with ample funds to purchase a variety of modern desks for your reception area needs.

Curved Reception Desks
Curved Reception Desks
Another popular style of receptionist desks are those with curved fronts. This look provides a nice view from any angle that properly accommodates all guests from multiple entry points. No doubt the top selling style of 2013 has been the OFM Marque Reception Station with or without the plexi glass transaction screen. These modular reception furniture solutions are available in 5 sizes and 3 finish choices. The basic 55290 Marque Reception Station starts at $993.99 while the the largest 5 unit 55316 Marque Reception Station boasts a hefty $5999.99 price tag. Depending on the size and budget for your project, a Marque unit is definitely available in your price range. These awesome products require no tools for assembly and are typically stocked for quick shipment. Talk about versatility and value!

Salon Reception Desks

Salon Reception Desk

Salon style welcome desks typically feature a modern look and contemporary design. The best salon reception desks are designed to provide a lasting first impression on valued clientele while offering excellent organizational qualities for front desk personnel. The new Mayline CST25 reception desk boasts a tri tone industrial look that works great as a sitting or standing reception desk solution. Priced starting at $1228.99, these Mayline Reception Desks are an excellent value and can be purchased in a variety of finish combinations to meet your specific salon decor. As a second option, the Marque units mentioned above under the curved section are also quite popular for modern salon use.

Other popular styles include L shape and custom variations that range from around from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the options you choose for your space. All factors considered, new reception desks are available for any budget and price range. The average business should look to spend between one to two thousand dollars on a high quality station with excellent style and storage components. Hopefully you've found this cost analysis useful and are now able to make an informed purchasing decision for your business.



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