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Top Eco Friendly Office Furniture Manufacturers

Green Office Furniture
Going green is an excellent way to help reduce our carbon footprint. The benefits of eco friendly office furniture and seating are astounding. From improved indoor air quality to sustainability, green products truly help our planet. Often, it's thought that going green increases the cost of products. This common misconception is finally put to rest today by highlighting these top manufacturers that have taken the time to have products Greenguard Certified at no additional cost to the consumer.

1.) Safco

Safco Office Products

The Safco Office Products brand offers several of the hottest office products on the market. From chairs to accessories this environmentally conscious manufacturer prides themselves on quality and cutting edge style. Several Safco office chairs are amongst the absolute best in terms of ergonomic attributes. In addition, Safco computer desks are a great way to outfit your home office on a budget. No matter the office area you're looking to outfit, Safco offers sustainable products sure to impress without breaking your budget.

2.) Global Total Office

Global Total Office

One of the industries absolute best full service furniture brands is also a huge fan of green products. The Global Total Office brand has reduced their consumption of electricity by over 18% over the last four years. They have entirely eliminated the use of CFCs and HCFCs in all our manufacturing processes to protect the ozone layer. This awesome manufacturer recycles 88% of waste product throughout the entire organization! In fact, they have recycled over 100 tons of fabric! All Global Office Products are BIFMA approved to ensure years of service and long lasting quality. Global they "have a responsibility to safeguard the environment in the course of manufacturing and doing business." To ensure quality and the highest levels of professionalism, the Global Environmental Committee was formed.  This committee has members recruited from across the organization, from the factory floor to senior management that report directly to the Chairman and CEO. In simple terms, it’s a fully integrated component of operations, financial planning and expenditures according to Global. Needless to say, if you care about the environment and are looking for Green Office Furniture, Global Total Office is definitely a name to trust in terms of quality and cost effectiveness.

3.) OFM, Inc.

OFM Office Furniture

A top office furniture choice by industry professionals, consumers, and interior design teams is steadily improving their green initiatives. The OFM office furniture organization has gone green in more ways than one! Since 2009, OFM has been driven to reduce overall paper usage by handling invoicing, order processing, and shipment confirmations electronically. In fact, they cut their paper usage in half during the first year. In August of 2010, OFM had all of their factory lights changed from 400 watt metal halide bulbs to 200 watt induction exterior high bay lights. This cut the power usage by all lights in half! OFM has taken the time to have hundreds of products Greenguard Certified. Top OFM Office Chairs like the the brand new Avenger Executive Chair, along with popular models from the Rico Stack Chair line are just a few of the seating solutions OFM has had certified. All of the models from the NET Series Seating line have been made eco friendly and make excellent indoor and outdoor beam seating solutions for guest areas.

4.) Mayline

Mayline Office Furniture

With 10 top selling furniture lines on the market today, Mayline sets the bar incredibly high when it comes to professional furnishings for the home and business. The quality and innovations highlighted in Mayline furniture is easy to appreciate even at first glance. Mayline understands its responsibility to provide a sustainable environment for our families and our communities.  They are committed to implementing practices which demonstrate results toward environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Mayline strives to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing the economic vitality of their products. Here's a few fun facts. Mayline has recycled 28,000 pounds of material. This is the equivalent of saving over 241 tress, 99,000 gallons of water, 853 less pounds of air pollutants, and 1,949 gallons of oil saved. From top conference tables to sustainable office accessories, this manufacturer makes there environmental goals well known in every product they make.



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