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Practice Office Acts of Kindness Through the Holidays

Throughout the holiday season it's important to remember our loved ones. Often, we forget about the people we see everyday at work in an attempt to focus as much attention as possible on family. That being said it's always nice to remember some simple office acts of kindness throughout the holiday season to show love and support to coworkers. After all, we spend 40 hours a week fellow employees. Most corporations promote a team atmosphere and what better way to encourage these beliefs than by showing a little extra effort and support to those around you.

Have you ever had someone go above and beyond for you? If so, you know it's a fantastic feeling. Around Christmas time, we get wrapped up in things like presents when the real focus should be on love and kindness. Simple acts like taking out the trash at work can go a long way. Doing things without the thought of recognition is priceless and always offers a rewarding feeling. Grabbing an extra latte at the local coffee shop for a desk mate, restocking there printer with paper, or watering that half dead plant in there cubicle might not get you an award, but it will sure help morale and team spirit.

It's truly the little things that count. Simply asking members of your team if they need help might surprise you. Being stressed around the holidays is always tough. Sharing the workload, going above and beyond, and simply offering a helping hand at work shows that you care. It's always a good idea to get to know even the biggest introverts on your work force. They say, most of the best friendships you will ever generate form in school and at work. For that reason, getting to know the people on your team and going out of your way to take an interest in their lives might just help you to form a lifelong friendship to be proud of. Strike up a conversation, topics like lunch spot suggestions, news stories, ergonomic office products, and TV shows are a great way to gain info and perspective on coworkers likes and dislikes. Who knows, you might have more in common than you thought!

Does your business throw a holiday party? If so you will probably be pushing the desks together to play typical games and engage in gift giving. Regardless of whose name you draw to shop for, do a little research. For the love of your job, don't just rush out and by the first candy cane tie you come across. Does your coworker love dogs? Is he or she a sports fan? A few simple questions and a nice conversation can get you the info needed to rock there world when it comes time to share in the office gift giving experience.

So the holiday season is dying down. Everyone is back in there office cubicles and hard at it. Families have headed back home. To be honest, a slight bit of depression can set in if you let it. It's hard to watch your loved ones go and know it could be months before you have the opportunity to see them again. Rest assured, you're  not the only one thats feeling that way. The good news is that your back with your work family who you will be able to relate to and spend time with all year round. Hopefully you have taken the time to show some random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season and built a better friendship with those around you. Bring in some doughnuts or a homemade dip to share after the Holidays have passed. Ask coworkers how there family time went and take an interest. Before you know it these tasks will be like second nature.

In closing, love and respect should be given to those around you without effort and regardless of what holiday is around the corner. Too often we are preoccupied with the next big project and miss the joy of everyday things. Regardless of if you write for an office furniture blog, teach, or run a fortune 500 company, caring goes a long way. The biggest act of kindness you can always share is your time and support of those around you.



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